“Your Wish My Command” The Difference - Why Use Us? In the good old days (at least for Realtors) - you had only two alternatives when you wanted to sell your home **** using the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). You could either pay a Realtor 5% (maybe 4.5% if you begged) **** or "For Sale by Owner". with no market exposure -- FSBO were highly probable to eventually hire a Realtor. But the world has changed  --   Full service for a Flat Fee, an idea whose time has come! Sabre Realty model is the pioneer for providing an alternative to the dated 5% commission structure, something that had virtually gone uncontested for years in a market overrun by a monopoly of traditional big name franchise brokerages.  Keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket, not your broker’s! Only pay for those services that you need. A Genie Sabre agent offers clients three key advantages over traditional service: CONSUMER CHOICE:   Experience Full Service Realtor -- On-line marketing -- Broker Accountability SELLER SAVINGS:        Low fees - Never have to ever worry. Seller packages to meet all your needs. Written Guarantee BUYER REBATES:        Get paid when you buy using Genie Sabre as your Broker Agent. SELLERS BUYERS Real Estate Brokerage For Sale By Owner Real Estate Brokerage For Sale By Owner 5% Commission Listing Agent 2.5% Buyers Agent 2.5% SELLER: Took a big loss in net funds after paying the Realtor Fees Commission Buyers Agent 2.5% Mr & Mrs Buyer 0% FSBO: Mostly not sold, due to lack of exposure to buyers & eventually had to be listed with a Realtor 0% Commission Mostly had to go to Raltor for MLS List MLS Listed: Seller paid the Realtor Fees but indirectly it is the Buyer who paid in the form of higher commission Commission Seller kept all the $$ Buyer got Zipo / Nil FSBO: Buyer limited selections of homes available or deal fails due to lack of negotiating skills YES!  You can listen to the Audio and Read at the same time. Word by Word same