“Your Wish My Command” SELLERS ~ WHY US Mistakenly, many consumers believe that genieSabre Realty is a For Sale By Owner Internet based company or that we provide consumers with a menu of services to choose from. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE!   Just like any other traditional real estate company like C21, Re-Max, Homelife - we offer full real estate service, but we give you something more  - the freedom to choose if, and how much you  want to participate in the sale of your home and how much commission you would like to pay.  No matter whether you do some of the work or none at all -- You still get to keep more of the equity in your house. Our concept is simple - we have dedicated salaried Realtor, whose job is not only to provide the seller with comparable but also provide details to the price trends, market conditions etc. We know the local market unmatched by almost all traditional agents - thanks to our state of art business model. Ask an Realtor - the hardest part of any real estate transaction begins AFTER the offer has been accepted.  We are professionals, we know all the requirements and as such we make sure that all documentation is correct. We are your link between -- sellers & buyers lawyers - sellers & buyers financial company -- buyers agent, home inspection, home warranty, appraisals and more. You set the Price, but we will make it easy for you by providing you with all the tools you need. Being local we know your community  -- follows we give you the most up to date comparable sales, information about homes listed for sale and our recommendation. Lets make it clear - Genie SABRE Realty is NOT a for sale by owner (FSBO)                              - Genie SABRE Realty is NOT a limited service Realtor The good news.  Genie SABRE believes that in today’s competitive market and for that fact a rapidly changing real estate climate having more informed sellers -- requires an expert agent and realistic cost for services. Informed Sellers:  Customers should come first, everything else second.  When you hire Genie SABRE to sell your home - you will notice an open communication between you and your Genie SABRE agent is one of our top priorities. Open & transparent - no hidden agenda. That is why you will know up front what your set fee will be and what we will do for you. Expert Agents:  Our Broker and Agents are fully licensed and members of Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). Agents must have at least 5 years experience and must be local to the area they are serving. We train them to our internal brokerage back- end and our before/after sales process. Realistic Cost For Services:  We believe that the traditional 5% commission is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of preforming a real estate transaction.  Our goal is to provide a fair cost of services rendered. much like any other professional service that consumers pay for. What doesn’t change is the scope of services we provide. We perform all the same services as traditional real estate companies, and, often times, more. Each Genie SABRE Realty office (Scarborough, Brampton) is composed of a small, specializes and very expert team. Rather then promoting ourselves, recruiting more agents or managing a huge staff as most traditional real estate office do, we focus on you - our clients. Upfront -Flat Fee:  Since our set fees are based on services rather then a percentage of sale price, you will know up front how much our expertise will cost and how much more of your home equity you will be able to keep. Note, or fee are paid only after the sale of your property and are paid on closing. Our set fee translates into freedom to price competitively, to negotiate when necessary and, in the end, to realize more profit from the sale. YES!  You can listen to the Audio and Read at the same time. Word by Word same